The comic strip

Image tirée du film "Monzeli"

Cover of the comic strip “Monzeli”

The comic book « Monzeli, Makaya, Nzinga et les autres.. Les jeunes à l’heure du sida! »

This comic strip describes the experiences of a troubled youth, the pressures of custom with respect to young girls, the gap between generations and the conflicts that it causes, but also and most of all the faithfulness of Makaya and the nature of his love for Monzeli.

Drawn by Tangou Targou, in 2007
Edited by The Center for Health Promotion
Foreword by Professor Masiala ma Solo

The Center wishes to thank the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Education, and in particular the organization “Aktion Dreikönigssingen” which has made possible the publication of this comic book.

Pages of the comic strip « Monzeli »

Pages of the comic strip « Monzeli »